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Swiss Made Watches

Major Watches Brands of Switzerland

Luxury Watches Brand Owner  
Rolex Wilsdorf Foundation Swiss made watches: Jaeger LeCoultre Duomètre a Chronographe
Jaeger LeCoultre Duomètre
Jaeger LeCoultre Richemont
Audemars Piquet Audemars Piquet
Baume & Mercier Richemont
Blancpain Swatch Group
Cartier Richemont
Piaget Richemont
IWC Richemont
Patek Philippe
Jordi, Michel Michel Jordi SA
Mont Blanc Richemont
Breguet Swatch Group
Rado Swatch Group
Sports Watches Brand Owner Swiss made watches: Omega Constellation Double Eagle 4 Counters
Omega Constellation
Double Eagle 4 counters
Omega Swatch Group
Longines Swatch Group
Breitling Breitling
Tissot Swatch Group
Trendy Watches Brand Owner Swiss made watches: Swatch Neon Streams
Swatch Neon Streams
Swatch Swatch Group
Flik Flak Swatch Group
Mondaine Mondaine
Calvin Klein Swatch Group

Swiss Army Watches

While there exists in fact an "official Swiss Army knife", no such thing as an "official Swiss Army watch" has ever been designed or issued by the the Swiss Army or Swiss Air Force. Besides, the Swiss Army has missed reserving the worldwide commercial rights to its name. However, different manufacturers, some of them not even Swiss companies, do have registered trademarks referring to the Swiss Army or Air Force.

  • SAW Swiss Army is a trademark of SAB Forster Group, USA
  • Swiss Air Force and
    Swiss Army (Victorinox)
    are trademarks of Victorinox, official supplier for Swiss Army knives
  • Swiss Army is a trademark of ZENO-WATCH, Basel, Switzerland
  • Swiss Military is a trademark of Hanowa, Switzerland
  • Swiss Military Watch is a trademark of Charmex, Switzerland

Swiss Railway Watches


When the standardized clock for all Swiss railway stations was designed in 1941 it both reflected modern technology orientation and simplicity that are also expressed by the sans-serif Helvetica font created in Switzerland at about the same time (Confoederatio Helvetica is the offical latin name for Switzerland). The straightforward sober design also marked a clear difference to the old German pathos preferred by Nazi Germany.

Since 1941 the Swiss Railway watch has never been changed - it is still a timeless design.

Swiss made watches: railway station watch by Mondaine
Swiss Railway Watch

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